The explanation of costs of Dublin Plumbers

As a Dublin plumber I find it hard to stomach the way people expect my services for nothing. For whatever the reason they seem to think my job is easy, when I know it is not. I have a website that brings me my share of business and I like many others advertise “no call out charge, free quotes and have a prices page on my site”.

Even with this and full explanations on the site the amount of people that call and say “how much do you charge?” I reply its €90 per hour or part of for the first hour then in half hour increments. Then I get “but your website says no call out fee”. I always kindly explain that there isn’t one. We don’t charge for the travel to and from your property which could be an hour each way in heavy traffic, our charges for our plumbing services only start when we arrive. I had one guy recently say (his 22 year old boiler had broken down) “well you say you offer free quotes”.  I said we’re happy to. So he asked how much a new PCB board would be, then a heat exchanger, I gave him prices but said we wouldn’t know what the fault was until we visited. Then he said “how much would a new boiler be?”, I said €1800-€2,000 dependent on make and model, supply and fit. He said if his boiler was unrepairable would he still have to pay the €90. I said yes but the €90 would be deducted off the price of supply and fitting a new one. What more can I do? When parts are required we don’t charge twice, we take the €90 as a deposit on supplying and fitting the new part.

What people don’t seem to understand and all plumbers in Dublin will tell you, I went to college for 4 years to learn my trade. I did a hands on apprenticeship for 2 years. I then completed my R.G.I. course so I could work with natural gas (€2,000 cost). I run a van which drinks diesel. I also pay tax, insurance, annual service and yearly N.C.T.  for my van. My tools of the trade cost over €5,000. I pay insurance premiums for public and private indemnity. I have a website with associated costs, phone costs and employ 1 member of office staff. Finally I pay income tax, P.R.S.I. and U.S.C.

With all these costs people still expect all Dublin plumbers to drive round all day for nothing but to provide expert advice and free quotes. They just hear €90 and think that’s expensive.

Travel Alerts for Western Travelers

Dear Reader, this is not meant to be a political post, but merely to point out that we are only too familiar with the term – “If our neighbour coughs, we catch a cold.” So the irresponsible rhetoric we are hearing from our southern neighbours has got to stop. Comments like, “If our enemy hates us, then we have to take care of them.” Is only adding fuel to the fire and the domino effect that it sets up could be catastrophic.

Already we are starting to see the backlash from some of these outrageous and irresponsible comments. The threats that are being made by terrorists groups have made it clear that they are targeting the Westerners and plan on attacking many of their popular vacation destinations. Because of this generalization we can no longer assume that by putting a Canadian flag on our luggage is going to protect us any longer. Gone are the days when the enemy made the distinction between who they actually wanted to target.

Cruise ships are already having to make detours to certain ports of call. Like the Celebrity cruise lines, in conjunction with the Global Security team in Miami, had to make the decision not to take passengers to Bali for their own safety. Three hotels targeted on the Ivory Coast leaving 14 tourists and 2 soldiers dead after gunmen opened fire on their beaches. In Thailand, security efforts have been heightened after concurrent attacks at a train station, an army base and a local hospital where 30 gunmen took over the second floor leaving seven injured.

What is happening here will have a profound fall out on many industries as the insurgents become stronger, bigger and gain more power. If travel falls, then those countries that rely on tourism as a major commodity will suffer, their need for resources will diminish and therefore other industries will fall short.

Going forward it will become very important for travelers to choose their destinations wisely. Keep up to date with what is happening in the world news and take the necessary precautions. The world has several safe and beautiful destinations to choose from. Choosing not to travel should not be an alternative. There are many other destinations that can be visited offering the same amenities. Just like the Cruise lines had to make adjustments in their itineraries and choose a non-threatening port, the same would apply to those traveling to other areas that have come under threat.

It is pretty likely that these threats are going to increase and the scope of them will be unpredictable, but we cannot allow them to paralyze us. What we can do is not praise those who speak for their own agenda with little or no regard for the fallout.

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Is TopOption a recommended broker?

TopOption is one of the more recent binary options broker, which already has a good offer in many areas, as is often the case with experienced brokers. The creation took place in the year 2011 and also TopOption has opted for Cyprus as its main location. The broker is regulated for a long time, namely of the Cypriot financial regulator CySEC. In particular due to its numerous additional functions TopOption have themselves already a name.

Topic overview:

1. the pros and cons of the brokers TopOption
2. conditions overview
3. Regulation and deposit insurance
4. our TopOption of experiences in detail
5. our TopOption test – the trading conditions
6 investors can use options trading
7. the user friendly trading platform for beginners and professionals
8. the TopOption Academy is a great help to beginners
9. easily accessible customer service and numerous additional functions
10 questions and answers about the broker
11 your own experiences to the offer by TopOption

The advantages and disadvantages of the brokers TopOption

popular trading platform SpotOption
Regulation in the EU
five different types of trade
more than five additional functions can be used
over 150 tradeable underlying assets
large selection times
maximum yields of 500 percent
Minimum account deposit only 100 euro
yet a demo account on sale
CTA-button_jetzt-the party for more information

VorlageInsbesondere if we consider the fact that the broker is only about two yearson the market, were experiences our TopOption very positive. Belongs to the numerous advantages that we could make up in our TopOption test, for example the largeselection of commercial species, because there are no less than five different variants, which can take advantage of the trader. Confidence is the fact that the broker is already regulated, and customers can also leverage the proven and popular trading platform SpotOption. Choosing maturity is also very large, because with more than five additional functions of the brokers in this area offers an almost unique offer. Morethan 150 underlying securities can be traded and the maximum yield moves with 500 percent on a very high level, while the minimum deposit 100 euro is pleasingly low. Only in the area of the demo account, the broker has still a deficit as so far none is offered.

Conditions overview

five types of trade
five additional functions
more than 150 tradeable underlying assets
maximum yield of 85 or 500 percent
Maturities between 60 seconds several months
Loss protection up to ten percent
Bonus of up to 50 percent
Minimum deposit 100 euro
Minimum trading amount of 10 euro
Deposit currencies euro, dollar, Yen and British pound
Regulation and deposit insurance

EinlagensicherungIn of our TopOption experience report among other things we can hold that the broker is regulated for some time from an official site namely by theCypriot FSAs CySEC. This gives customers security, which applies equally to the fact,that’s when TopOption to the daughter of the well known Forex brokers is As regards the deposit guarantee, so the licensing of brokers, inter alia to that each trader account with a sum insured up to EUR 20,000 is covered. Up to this amount, credit would be paid back so by the safety authorities even in the event of insolvency of the broker to the customer.

Our TopOption experiences in detail

FAQsIn of our nasz TopOption opinie we could make many positive experiences, asfor example with the trading platform SpotOption, which can use the trader at the broker. This trading platform we met during our tests also with other brokers and candistinguished by a high degree of popularity as a whole. This popularity does not come by coincidence, because SpotOption has numerous features and allows even beginners to familiarize yourself quickly with the trade. Very positive experiences in the field of commercial species were our TopOptio (or exbino dorby? ), because here a very wide rangeof broker offers its traders. Include of course first of all trade with simple options, but also some more trade types are offered, such as the one-touch options, and the 60-second commercial (mode speed master). The trading platform is available in morethan ten languages, including also German.

Internet and Online Business – Top 4 Listbuilding Tips

Listbuilding, which is a vital lead generation and email marketing strategy, is one of the best ways for you to get more targeted traffic. The thing is, while traffic is unarguably good, there is something way better than just traffic; and that is targeted traffic. With targeted traffic, you get site visits out of more than just random interest; you get visits from potential customers who are actively looking for a product.

Listbuilding, as the name implies, involves the creation of a roster of potential and regular customers. In internet marketing, this specifically means the creation of an email list, since email is the main mode of contact used in the internet. If you want a good list of potential customers, the following are some things you need to keep in mind:

1. Freebies. This has always been deemed as a viral marketing strategy, owing to the fact that it would contribute to your business’ buzz-worthiness. This has a non-viral benefit though; you can entice the site visitor to leave his name and email address in order to have access to the freebies, such as widgets and e-books. If he is that interested, chances are, he would give out his contact info. Don’t forget to brand the e-books with your business logo and add links to your site as well.

2. Usefulness. Keep in mind that for potential customers to subscribe, they should get something out of it. In addition to freebies, you also need to make sure that you provide useful and relevant information. Regularly posting new content is a good idea, as it implies that they would miss out on something if they do not visit the site frequently.

3. Regular updates. Creating an email list is not all that useful if you neglect to offer something new every now and then. It does not necessarily mean offering a new product every time. You can send informative content or links to relevant news and articles to keep subscribers interested.

4. Opt-in. Lastly, subscription should always be opt-in. Never trick anyone into signing up by false promises. Provide real value. It is also just as important to make it a point that the subscriber can easily unsubscribe.

Listbuilding is an important lead generation strategy that would enable you to reach a number of potential customers and bring targeted traffic to your site on a regular basis; but only if you play your cards right.